EmbroideryDesigns.com Testimonial Dhaivat Adhyaru
This is a place where creativity meets technology. The collaborative environment helps everyone come together to get the job done. In a single day I collaborate with different on-site and offshore teams to make things happen. That mixed with the flexibility and work-life balance that this organization offers is hard to find.  
Dhaivat Adhyaru
Vice President of E-Commerce
EmbroideryDesigns.com Testimonial Chetan Ramchandra
I like working at EmbroideryDesigns.com because every day I go back home feeling a bit smarter than yesterday. It's a constant learning experience all the time and my skill set is always being tested, sharpened and upgraded.  
Chetan Ramchandra
Senior Application Manager
EmbroideryDesigns.com Testimonial Bonnie Landsberger
I love my job for many reasons, but primarily because it’s work that I enjoy doing and I work with an outstanding team who make the job even more enjoyable. Some days can be quite hectic, but everyone pulls together and resolves issued quickly. I’ve never felt anything but respect for Management who have always treated me fairly in my almost 11 years.  
Bonnie Landsberger
Customer Service Representative
EmbroideryDesigns.com Testimonial Lisa Adams
I have enjoyed working for Embroidery Designs For many years because of the great management and technical support the company provides. I appreciate the ability to have flexible work hours allowing me to care for my elderly mother and I appreciate the stability of the company and its support of employees during the coronavirus.  
Lisa Adams
Keyword Auditor
EmbroideryDesigns.com Testimonial Roberta Erickson
I enjoy sharing my 30+ years of embroidery shop ownership to help others from new stitcher choosing needles, threads and stabilzer to thread tension and unique fabric issues that affect results or a suggestion to work around an issue in salvaging a poorly stitched item. Working as a team is like an extended family whose strengths provide support technically though a personal connection via chat, telephone or email with customers to aid in their personally fulfilling embroidery experience.  
Roberta "Bobbie" Erickson
Customer Service Representative
EmbroideryDesigns.com Testimonial Darwin Erickson
Embroidery Designs has given me the opportunity to share my years of commercial embroidery and digitizing software in a part time position with flexible hours from a remote location. Management is readily available and supportive and trusts in my abilities. I enjoy supporting our customers knowing how valuable attention to detail and recognizing an issue can be in there embroidery success. I look forward to many more years sharing and growing with the company.  
Darwin Erickson
Customer Service, Shipping and Handling
EmbroideryDesigns.com Testimonial Marie Geschke
I have been with Embroidery Designs since 2013. I have seen a lot of changes over the years but the company’s commitment to their employees and their customers is the reason I am still here. We have a great team with great leadership. Every day is a new adventure in the world of customer service and there is always something new to be learned and shared.  
Marie Geschke
Customer Service Representative
EmbroideryDesigns.com Testimonial Michelle Babb
I have always been impressed with how supportive the team members and management team have been, whether it be due to a family emergency or continuing to better the company’s benefits program, they are always willing to help. Embroidery Designs is a great place to work, we are always working to improve the customer’s experience and further our own knowledge to better their experience!  
Michelle Babb
We accept resumes on a daily basis for full time or internship
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We accept resumes on a daily basis for full time or internship positions within the company.
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